Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Help

So earlier in the week, I headed down to the corner CVS. I was still basking in the afterglow of my Baltimore Ravens wild and crazy upset victory over Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos, and was rocking my Ravens hoodie and a purple wool cap when I walked into the store. As I was walking around, I noticed this guy in a store uniform eyeballing me every step of the way. I go into the CVS enough that I'm familiar with most everyone that works there, but I hadn't seen this guy before. So why was he giving me the stink eye?

Finally, I decided to mosey on over to where he was stocking shelves to find out what was up.
"Ravens ain't shit", he said when I got close to him.
"Excuuuuse me?"
"Ravens ain't shit. They got lucky in that game against the Broncos."

Really? This is how you talk to customers? Okay...

"Ummmmm, let me ask you a question." I said while chuckling and shaking my head. "Are you new here? This is the first I've ever seen you."

"Yeah, I just started."
"So you think it's a good idea - as a new employee who hasn't established any rapport with the regular clientele - to start antagonizing customers the first time you see them?"

He stood there, looking confused. I wasn't sure if he didn't understand the notion of not pissing off customers, if he didn't get that there's a time and place for expressing his dislike of the Ravens, and this wasn't it, or if he just didn't know the meaning of the word "antagonize." Whatever the case was, I just walked away shaking my head at this jackass...only he started following me, talking shit about how he couldn't stand the Ravens, this player ain't this, that player ain't that, they were a lucky team, I bet I wouldn't be wearing any more Ravens gear after they lost against New England, blah blah blah...

Dude, don't you have a job to do?

Finally, I had enough. "Look," I said. "I came in here to buy these few items, not to talk shit with the help. Maybe you should go back and do your job." He looked like he wanted to open up a can of whoop ass on me, but before he could say anything else, he spotted the manager walking in our directly, and slunk off back to whatever shelf he was stocking.

"RAVENS BABY!" I yelled at him, and laughed while I was walking off that he couldn't say anything now that the manager was right next to him...

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