Wednesday, May 28, 2014


It's almost halfway through 2014 (GEEEZZZZZ) and I've posted, what, twice? For those that have asked, I don't have a real good explanation. I've been doing plenty of writing, actually, but I've had some combination of ADD and OCD going on: I've had a ton of good ideas and assorted characters to write about, but instead of working on one story at a time, I always end up starting like a half dozen or so new posts, and then bouncing back and forth from one to the other as I juggled different sentences around in my noggin (it's a wonder I didn't get a few concussions). All that back forth accomplished nothing more than a shitload of drafts of varying degrees of being finished, which wasn't helped by my constant worrying about whether every word, phrase, sentence was exactly the way it should be to keep anyone who would (attempt to) read this stuff (assuming, of course, I ever FINISHED any of it) from feeling like they lost time out of the life they would never get back trying to slog through the work of an untalented hack...

So, anyway, after months of this neurotic behavior, I finally had to ask myself, "Are you going to post something or not? Time to shit or get off the pot!" And since I wasn't ready to just let this thing die a slow death, I decided I would go aheadnand take a shit. But then, just as I was about to dazzle y'all with my literary brilliance, some spawn-of-devil created algorithm somehow decided I was engaged in some sort of "suspicious activity" (angry nerd terrorism!) and suspended my account. Eventually, they decided I was a threat to no one or nothing (except maybe good taste) and gave me back my blog - and all my drafts - which was a moment of joy and relief that lasted right up until I discovered that there gigantic minus signs everywhere I had attached pictures in all my posts. Aye yi yi... Oh well. In any case, I'm baaaaaack, and expect to see a bunch of my shit over the next several days. And expect the shit to appear in different forms, as I have turned one blog into three:

  • "BALTIMORONS!" will be where I write about all the assorted characters and quirks of my beloved hometown of Baltimore, MD;
  • In "The Pop-Pop Chronicles" I will regale you with tales about the "joys" of having two grandsons and their mother taking over my humble home; and
  • The rest of my demented thoughts will (for now) continue to be posted under "The Angry Nerd"
So if you're ready to read about crackheads,  jerks, bad ass kids, (crazy) women, food, sports, politics, race, language,  culture, stupid people, music, bad manners, bad breath, Jeopardy!, and whatever other random craziness I experience, think about or imagine, STAY TUNED! But remember: some of y'all asked for this shit!