Sunday, January 20, 2013

Playoffs! Ravens/Patriots

So a week and a day after the epic battle between the Ravens and the Denver Broncos, people are STILL talking about it as if the game just ended. But now it's time to focus on more important matters, namely the AFC Championship game this evening, where my RAVENS will be taking on the hated New England Patriots. Everyone that follows the sport (and probably a whole bunch of folk that don't) know how the game between these two, at the same venue, under the same circumstances, ended a year ago, and NO ONE who roots for the Ravens wants to see anything like that happen again (and I'm not going to repeat what went down; if you don't know how that game ended, too bad, go look it up. I shan't be speaknig of it ever again...)

So will this rematch end in another loss? Are the oddsmakers who have the Patriots as 9 point favorites right? Do all the "experts" predicting my Ravens to get blown out know what they're talking about? In a word, NO. Okay, let me make it two words: HELL NO!

There's no team that plays the New England Patriots tougher than the Baltimore Ravens. There ain't no blowouts happening here, unless it is the Ravens who get on a roll with Cool Joe Flacco playing bombs away on the Patriots secondary. But although I think we will certainly see some of that, Pats quarterback tom Brady will put his share of points on the board as well. That being said, I think the Ravens defense will slow down the Patriots offense a little bit more than the Patriots defense will slow down the Ravens offense. I think as the game goes on , our pass rush will eventually get to Tom Brady, and Brady, like Peyton Manning before him, is just not that good after he gets smacked around a few times. Eventually, he's going to make a big mistake at a key juncture after getting a little pressure put on him.

This will be a shootout, but the RAVENS will make the plays at the end, and Brady will give up a key turnover that will help swing the tide in our favor.

My prediction: Ravens 35, Patriots 30


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