Sunday, January 6, 2013


Well, one of my favorite times of year is upon us: the start of the NFL Playoffs!

Once again, my beloved Baltimore Ravens are back in the mix - for the fifth straight year, the only current team that can make that claim! Unlike a lot of my perpetually Eeyore-like Baltimore fans (there must be something in the waters of the Patapsco River that  makes some of us so down in the mouth), I feel very good about the Ravens' opening round playoff against the Indianapolis Colts.

This is a game that will have no shortage of drama. You've got the former BALTIMORE Colts, who the Ravens haven't beaten in the playoffs in a couple of tries, You've got their head coach, Chuck Pagano - who a year ago was OUR defensive Coordinator, coming back to the sidelines after treatment for leukemia, and of course you've got the GREAT Ray Lewis playing possibly his last home game after announcing his retirement earlier this week.

So with all that drama, who do I pick? Well the RAVENS, of course! I think Running Backs Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce run wild, the defense forces Colts Quarterback Andrew Luck into making a few mistakes, and the Ravens win, 24-14. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

P.S. - To my old friend, Gregg, a Redskins fan even though he grew up in West Baltimore (how someone can make that conversion I'll never understand, but hey, different strokes for different folks), I can only say, Dude, I know you're a dedicated fan, but that Redskins tie you "showed off" on Facebook might be the ugliest thing ever!
I don't think I will ever be enough of a fan of any team to wear something this horrendous, but hey, wear it with pride, brother, even if it IS for the Foreskins, err, Redskins...

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