Monday, March 19, 2012

"Jeopardy!", Continued

So after I received the email from telling me I had passed the online test, I immediately responded and waited for their reply...and waited...and waited. The email said that I would be found out more information in about a week to ten days after they received my RSVP confirmation of the invite to an audition, but my rational thought processes were short circuited by the possibility of being on the show. I found myself checking my email several times a day expecting further information from Jeopardy, and I even checked my "sent" folder a few times to re-check whether I had successfully sent the RSVP to them (yeah, I was being a bit crazy about the whole deal).

Then finally, about a week after I had initially responded, I received the follow-up email from, complete with the actual location of the audition, and what to expect: a personal interview, followed by a series of head to head matches with other contestant hopefuls, and then finishing it off with a repeat of the online test I passed to get the audition in the first place. All told, about two and a half fun-filled, action-packed hours to determine if I've got the right stuff...

I also need to list five things about myself: either about my job, hobbies, things I collect, embarassing moments, claims to fame, awards, dreams, ambitions, "bucket list" items; anything that Alex Trebek can small talk with me about if I make it to the show.

None of this guarantees anything. A successful audition only spares me from being eliminated from  consideration. After that, it's all up to them to pick and choose which of the survivors they want to make it to the show (and when). So until then, I've got a little time (and just a little) to study up, take a few more practice tests, and come up with some funny stories about myself (I'm sure some of y'all can help with that)...


  1. I want to contribute to the stories! Lol, I'm so excited for you.

  2. Hmmm, would your contribution be something i can repeat on TV?