Monday, March 12, 2012

The "Baltimoron Store" Makes the News!

You loyal readers of this blog - all 3 or 4 of you - may remember that about a month or so ago, the Angry Nerd posted an entry about his favorite "Baltimoron" store, the Food Depot on Belair Road in East Baltimore. Well, that store (through no fault of its on) is in the news - and not in a good way.

Seems that one of the cashiers charged her mother about $100 for about $400 worth of groceries by marking the price of everything down. An eagle-eyed security guard somehow saw that the cashier, one Ciara Anderson, was marking down items so dramatically on her mother's checkout that $401.86 worth of stuff ended up as a $101.28 charge (how can a brother get a hookup like that?). Now here's the best part: Mama - Darlene Early - is one of "Baltimore's Finest"...yes, a Baltimore City Police Officer! Wooo, I tell you, the BCPD is on a roll with the activities of some of the members of its force (I need to do a separate blog on this)!

Anyway, I was in the Food Depot yesterday, and the atmosphere around at checkout ws decidedly different. There was little to none of the normal chatter going on  between the cashiers, not much  conversation between cashiers and customers, no "mean girl" attitudes projecting from the newer, more attractive cashiers who replaced some of the original, snaggle-toothed ones (and considering young Ms. Anderson is 18, she has to have been one of the newer mean girls; I can't wait to find out which one she was). Instead, everyone seemed to be looking over their shoulders at the increased presence of security pacing about intently. The security staff, who consist of rather massive fellows who were at the same time a rather genial bunch, were all business on this day. And in addition to a couple of the security guys who were regulars at the store, there was, stationed by the exit door, a mountainous (both in the size of body and stoniness of expression) man who appeared to be about 7 foot tall and 400 pounds with about a quarter of a percent body fat and a permanent scowl drawn on his face (OK, I might be exaggerating a little bit) and flashing a badge of some sort on his belt as he stood by the door and checked customers' receipts, creating a serious bottleneck just to get the hell out of there (not that anyone was going to give this guy a hard time about it).

Sigh. How ironic: My favorite Baltimoron store had been turned into a police state, all due to the actions of a police officer and her daughter...

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  1. I swear when Balto City officers want to do illegal activities, they call each other to schedule them bc they tend to come in threes... *waits for the third story*

    PS. She was a detective *ahem*