Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Conversations I've Overheard, 2nd Edition

Two high school boys are having a loud gripe session about life in general, and their mothers specifically:

Boy #1: "I can't stand my mother. She get on my fuckin' nerves, always up in my business, and tryna make me do a bunch of dumb shit."

Boy #2: "I know, right? My mother the same way. I can't stand her ass sometimes."

After the two of them recited a laundry list of the usual teenaged complaints, boy #1 said, "That bitch made me so mad today, I cussed her ass the fuck out!"

Boy #2: "Damn, what she say?"

Boy #1: "She started cussing and fussing, but I just walked the fuck out, 'cause she make me wanna hit her ass sometimes! Why she think she can be telling me how to run my life?"

Boy #2: "So what you gonna do?"

Boy #1: "Ionna, I'm 'bout ta go back up in there now...I wish my father wasn't in jail, because if he was out, I wouldn't need my mother for shit!"

Boy#2: "Word..."

Why did I get the feeling he and his father were going to be reunited soon - in one way or the other?

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  1. Or that his father would anything to do with him....