Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Conversations I've Overheard, 3rd Edition

This one's not really so much of a conversation as it was hearing two preschool aged kids (a girl and a boy) recite (over and over) the following:

Little Girl: "Alright, alright, alright!"
Little Boy: "You gone' learn today!"

Now if you are a fan of stand-up comedy, you may recognize what the little girl and boy were reciting as signature lines in Kevin Hart's hit comedy tour/movie, "Laugh At My Pain". And if you've actually seen the movie (and judging from how many adults I've heard spitting out the lines in question, I would say a whole lot of you have), you would realize that these might not be the appropriate lines for preschool-aged children to be loudly repeating to any and everyone that passed by them, with the mother just moseying along in complete oblivion (or as that noted statesman Mike Tyson would say, "Bolivian").

The more I crossed paths with these kids and their mother - I was shopping in Target  -and the more I heard them repeat these lines, the more pissed I became. How did they learn this stuff? I wondered. Were they sitting and watching Kevin Hart with their mother/father/grandma? Did they learn it from hearing the adults say it over and over? Surely, at that age, they couldn't have understood the context in which those lines were spoken in Kevin Hart's standup routine, whether or not they actually witnessed it, but still...

Oh well, I guess it could've been worse; at least they weren't yelling "Pineapples!"


  1. What is pineapples? I've heard people say it over and over.