Monday, October 31, 2011

Angry Nerd Theories, 1st Edition

1. The people who make the most fuss in demand of something (love, respect, communication, etc.) are almost invariably people who are incapable of / unwilling to give that thing to anyone else.

2. One's ability, enjoyment, or desire to talk a lot is in no way related to that person's ability to communicate. The volume and frequency of verbiage exiting one's mouth is not indicative of  any particular  skill in communication.

3. Some of the most mean-spirited, petty, close-minded, hateful, underhanded, cliquish, snobby people on the face of the planet sit on church pews every Sunday
Corollary 1: There will be church folk fitting this theory, who upon reading it, will immediately start thinking of a bunch of other folk they think it applies to.
Corollary 2: There are plenty of non-believers/non-church goers who will happily back this theory, yet who aren't any damned better people themselves.

4. The strongest forces of human nature are self-interest, love, bigotry, and hypocrisy.

5. My not-quite 2 year old grandson's idea of going to sleep is to torment Pop Pop until suddenly passing out as if hit by sniper fire.
Corollary: This period of torment will always begin at the precise moment something is coming on TV that Pop Pop really wants to watch.

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