Monday, November 4, 2013

Baltimorons and Fine Dining

So Saturday while I was out and about I stopped in Wendy's and sat down to enjoy a chicken sammich and fries. In the middle of my meal, a prototypical loud, attention-whoring, "look at me, I'm so important" brotha came storming into into the restaurant carrying on a VERY loud conversation on his cell that caused all heads to turn his way, as he proceeded briskly to the order line.

"Aaah, lemme get a 3-piece spicy with red beans and rice", he practically shouted to the young man waiting on him. As I was seated fairly close to the order line, my ears pricked up immediately. 3-piece? Red beans and rice? Where does he think he is?

"Um, sir, this is Wendy's; we don't have that on the menu."
"Wendy's? Whatchu talkin' 'bout, ain't this Popeye's?"
"Um, no sir, it's Wendy's", the young man said, pointing at a sign in the window.
"I'll be DAMNED! I don't believe this SHIT! I thought I came to Popeye's!"
"Well, do you want to order something, since you are here?"
"Sheeeeeiiitttt, I don't eat in no places like THIS!", he said as he stormed out, cursing loudly about he couldn't believe he came to the wrong spot, and how he would NEVER eat the "garbage" they served there...

So, let me understand:

Wendy's is garbage that you wouldn't ever eat from, but Popeye's is fine dining?

All right, Angry Nerd readers, y'all might have to help me out on this one. Either I don't eat enough fast food, or my hood sensibilities aren't up to par, but is Popeye's really that much more desirable a destination for dining than Wendy's? Inquiring minds want to know...

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