Friday, August 9, 2013

Baltimorons: Wash your mouth out with soap - MOM

So I was headed into the house after a grueling, back-breaking day of observing chemical reactions, pushing buttons on analytical equipment, and entering data into spreadsheets, and I passed by two pre-teen girls who lived down the block from me, as they walked in the direction of Belair Road. Chasing behind them was a much younger little girl, maybe 3, who was yelling "I wanna go, I wanna go". The older girls clearly didn't want the little one tagging along with them, and were trying to shoo her back to the house, when off the porch stomped this "lady" - I'm assuming the mother of the little girl (I didn't recognize either of them) - who proceeded to yell the following to the now crying little girl:

"Girl, bring your little ass the fuck back up here! Them little bitches don't want you to go with them! Shut the fuck up and come back up on this damn porch, 'fore I beat your ass!"

I don't know where to begin with this one: Cussing out a 3 year old? Calling 9-10 year girls "little bitches"?  I just wanted to hug that poor child and give the mother the kind of slap in the mouth my mother would have given us (who am I kidding, STILL give us) if she had heard my brother, sister, or me use such language (Moms didn't have time for washing nobody's mouth out with soap), but of course, that would have had some unpleasant repercussions, so instead I trudged into the house feeling more than a little down about those three young girls...

So next time you're out somewhere, and are shaking your head about the behavior of some foul-mouth, ill-mannered children, just think about where they learned it from...

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